Monday, January 25, 2010


I feel like this photo, good at a glance, but a close look will reveal that the focus is a bit off.  Pity 'cause I really liked it otherwise :(

I have had a big weekend of driving, knitting, socialising, eating and knitting with friends.  These girls are all awesome and I always feel a little bit happier after a catch up :)  We spent Saturday morning in a park knitting and watching the kids play and Sunday in the B&B knitting and eating.  A perfect weekend! 

The small girl of the house is currently sporting a cold.  It has made for a sleepless night or two which is why I feel a bit fuzzy around the edges.  The small boy is delighting in blowing raspberries as well as his new found ability to roll onto his tummy.  Pity he does not like it when he gets there....

edit: Yup, it proves I am fuzzy!  I forgot to add the picture of the roving I bought from this clever lady


  1. It was a fantastic weekend - can't wait to see what you spin up out of that lovely fibre :) (also I think that photo is perfect - he's such a cutie!)

  2. Well it's a cute beanie none the less & phew, in this heat, hope he wasn't wearing it for too long!! Love Posie

  3. oh yeah !!! can't wait to see that fibre spun up !!

  4. Oh wow roving:) tempting but no - keep me away from another craft:)

    Sounds like you had a great weekend - hope that little miss is feeling bette soon.


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