Sunday, January 17, 2010


Bumbly ~ The term given to a beginner Rock Climber who displays more enthusiasm than talent.

The Mr and I had a child free day thanks to Nan and Pop and we set off in search of our glory days.  We wanted to go Rock Climbing which is something we have not had much of a chance to do post children even thought we have tons of equipment sitting in the cupboard.

Ebor Falls is a beautiful spot a couple of hours from home so with guidebook in hand we set off to explore and climb a new area.  Given that I have not done any climbing in a few years now I was back to beginner status which is a bit disheartening.  I did not realise just how weak I have become and am now motivated to reclaim some of my past fitness.

So my first venture back onto the rock was not fantastic, and it was hot, and my legs are scratched a lot by the sword grass, and I didn't climb anything worth mentioning, but we had a nice day and that is the main thing.  We are talking about going back to check out the other section for climbing which I am looking forward to, providing I am fitter!

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This photo was taken from the base of the climbing area, so at least the view was well worth the trip!


  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun, What a lovely view. And childfree that's so unfair ;)

  2. Ah, the old glory days. Maybe these days will be different from how they used to be... a new kind of glory maybe!

    Great that you guys got to spend some time together.

  3. Sounds as though you had fun together anyway - this camping trip will have to involve rock climbing then:) The Mr and I have everything too (although I am more of an absailer that rock climber Tim hs dreams:) You can go out together and we can have the four kids and then we can go out - sounds like fun. We really have to talk mor about this - off to find areas in the Glass House Mountains:)


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