Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year pledge

As I watched the clock tick over to a new year I thought about what that meant to me, a chance to start fresh and think about what I would like to acheive in 2010.

I WILL spend more time in my vegetable garden.

I WILL be more accountable for my spending.

I WILL make more effort to do 'kid' things like Playgroup.

I WILL make more for me, and us.

I WILL join my Husband on his quest for reclaimed physical fitness.

I WILL cook shrimp on the BBQ. 

Hmm, I admit the last one is a bit funny, but it is meant to be an Aussie tradition and I don't know anyone who does it so I want to give it a go.  Maybe on Australia Day!?

I WILL also be doing Chaletgirl's One per Month challenge.  I will be making one new project from a craft book or as yet unused pattern and I will cook one new recipe from my numerous, and sometimes unopened cookbooks.

Happy New Year, may it be all that you wish!


  1. I love your resolutions

    may assist in your BBQ Prawn (Aussie for Shrimp) adventure. They are quite delicious (skip the wrapping in Bacon one!)..but garlic prawns on the BBQ are a classic.

  2. Happy new year, honey. All that looks quite achievable and probably lots of fun! If you're here when school goes back, you goes can have a go of Til's playgroup : )

  3. A great list of 'I WILLs' Becky. I hope that the list changes to a great list of 'I DIDs' this time next year!

    Happy New Year to you xxx


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