Sunday, January 3, 2010

The After Christmas Holiday

The 'After Christmas Day holiday' was not as relaxing as the Before Christmas Day holiday.
We left home early on Boxing Day and drove to the Lower Hunter to have lunch with my brother and sister in law.  Possum had fun playing with her cousin who is only 5 months younger than her.

Stopped at the beach on the way down the coast.  Possum didn't like the moving water, but did like it if Dad picked her up and ran in it.  Baby Blue didn't seem to have an opinion, I think he liked it...

I had to have emergency root canal therapy in Berry.  On a public holiday too :(  This did not leave me feeling happy, or well.  On the plus side, Berry was beautiful!  I found the most beautiful shop there and bought a couple of things but will have more to say about that at a later date!

We made it to the Mr's home town where there was a lot more visiting.  We saw as many people as we could because they had not seen the baby before.  He was very happy, chatty and now has an even bigger fan club!  Possum had fun playing with all the Great Aunts and Uncles too.

Aunty Betty taught her to poke her tongue out.  As Aunty Betty later gave me all her old knitting needles I will forgive her ;)  It did create a fun game in the car, I caught her pulling funny faces a few times on the way home.

Such a big trip for the two small ones, and us too.  It is a day and a half in the car each way which is hard.  We stopped at parks where we could for feeding and play to break it up.

I hope you all had happy and fun holidays. 
I am glad to be home after such a big trip and looking forward to starting 2010 proper!


  1. Oh, root canal, i have had that done, awful - you poor thing!! And I bet I know the exact shop you are talking about in Berry? The cross stitch shop with the quilt stiff down the back. It is a lovely shop and a fabulous town!

  2. Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a nice hol even though you went to the dentist. *shudder*

    Your photos are lovely! I especially like the one with your hubby and kids. :)

  3. Oh dear - not a greatstart to post Christmas Holidays - and being a public holiday I bet that they saw you coming:(

    Hope that you were able to enjoy your time after that - LOVE the photo of the kids and Mr C and Love the picture of Miss Possum poking out he tounge - priceless.

  4. Happy New Year!!! Sounds like a great trip away... I love the last shot of Miss Possum, too cute..

    Jodie :)

  5. Oh Becky. There is nothing good at all about emergency root canal therapy on a public holiday. I bet you were miserable. While not as relaxing, it sounds like it was a great time with your little family and your bigger families. Love the story and the tongue and knitting-needle forgiveness!


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