Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving on...

So I am not dwelling on unhappy thoughts I thought I would share some of the weekends highlights.   Over the weekend we spent 10 hours in the car but there were some good bits and the children tend to do better in the car than I.  Maybe I would like it better if someone packed new toys and books to keep me amused on a big trip?

The place we stayed on Saturday night was right on the water.  For the first time in ages I did not complain about being woken up early :)  I had fun taking photos of the sunrise using the manual settings.

We wandered along the Jetty and had fun watching boats and fish jumping in the water. 

There was paddling in the water and toes being wiggled in the sand.

There was even a stop to eat a picnic tea in the park so legs could be stretched.


  1. Looks like a nice weekend away:)

  2. I think you're very brave! It's a 14 hour drive from Melbourne to Armidale, and we're yet to attempt it since having our little one. We've managed a 4 hour drive, but that's it so far! Though as time passes it will get to be the only option once we start having to pay for an extra seat on the plane...

  3. 1o hours! I hope that was at least there AND back not 10 hours one way! I go a little crazy when we drive to tamworth because that is a 6 hour drive. We got those in-car dvd players (after I put up a fight refusing to have them for 3 years) and it's made it a bit more pleasant :P LOVE the sunrise shot... looks like the sky is on fire!

  4. Seriously - pack presents for yourself BEFORE you pack the treats for the kids. I recommend a big cherry ripe, a quilting mag, a new trashy novel and some ear plugs.

    Bummer about the block - but maybe that means there is something better just over the horizon.

    Looks like a great way to spend the weekend!


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