Sunday, March 1, 2009

EB Pincushion Swap

I enthusiastically signed up for the EB Pincushion swap which was organised by Cylie, then spent the next little while wondering what I had let myself in for. I decided it would be an act of cowardice to pull out so I started researching and practising my pincushion sewing.

I did not get a photo of the pincushion I sent off but as soon as it is blogged by it's recipient I will link it back.

Edited to add: Anna has blogged the parcel I sent so it is safe to add the link.

Today is opening day, and the first day of Autumn, both very exciting! This neatly wrapped bundle fell out of my parcel and I contained my excitement long enough to snap a picture before undoing the ribbon :)

And look what was inside!! A very cute chicken pincushion! I love the fabric and I can't believe how clever the design is, I love that it is so lifelike.

A point worthy of mention is how cleverly one wing is stitched to allow somewhere for your embroidery scissors to sit. I even received a pair along with my pincushion to demonstrate

I have not mentioned who my parcel was from, as my swap partner did not formally 'out' themselves. As soon as I can confirm I will happily point you in their direction :)

Edited again: Yup, I was right! This creation was made by the very talented Dani, who is well worth a blog visit :)


  1. Oh goodness - how sweet!!
    Hurry up and out them so I can ask for the pattern!!

  2. That's very clever, and check out the little nest too!! I would be too scared to put any pins in it :)

  3. I love it. Very cute, and the one you sent also looks great.

  4. Wow - cute AND practical! Lucky you and well done to Dani!


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