Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another job for the 'Projects Pending' list

OK Mum, hope you have your glasses on as this is not the easiest picture to see, but this is the quilt I was telling you about! I had better photocopy and send you the instructions so you can help me via the phone if I need advice...

It might take me awhile to work out how to do this, and pick the fabric but this is what I want to make Miss Possum to help commemorate her moving into a big bed late in the year.

Should I stick with pastels, or go for something a bit bolder? Hmmm, so many options....


  1. This is a great pattern Becca. I love the colours in the pic or you could go with something a bit more girly, or something bolder with some bright funky prints. Decisions, decisions :)

  2. Hmmm, I vote for bold... only because from her photos she looks like she's got lots of spirit!

  3. What a lovely pattern. I would go for pastels if it where my girls room but depends on what other things are in her room to match.

    Can't wait to see progress pics.


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