Friday, March 13, 2009

Introducing baby...

My cousin Dannii and her husband had a baby girl on Tuesday! She had told us that it was a girl in advance so I was able to sew a present in a suitable theme but I just found out yesterday the little one's name.
I will now be able to write on the card and send off the above parcel with a Black Apple doll and a little Ribbon blanket. The photo above shows two Ribbon blankets but that was just to show front and back in one shot, one is a spare (organised aren't I!).

I hope Jayla likes her little gifts and I can't wait to meet her, I have it on good authority that she is beautiful!

Is anyone else starting to think I need to find a new doll pattern...?


  1. She is lovely dolly but if you want a new one then check out the freebie one at One Red Robin it is simple and easy to make also and it's nice to make an Aussie's pattern: I made two identical ones for my eldest when her twin sisters arrived.

  2. She is a lovely doll though, I can see why you like the pattern! Congrats on being an Auntie and hope you have some photos to show of your gorgeous niece soon!


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