Monday, March 9, 2009

14 weeks ~ Ultrasound

I thought I had better get around to uploading this little picture, I am a bit behind... This was taken at 14 weeks and I am now nearing the halfway point for this preganancy.

This is a terrible quality shot as it was a photo taken of an X-ray style film which does tend to lose a bit in quality, specially when it is stuck on my window!

DH and I have both felt the kicking, the first time was a very strong kick the day this ultrasound was taken. I now look pregnant which is great, I am much bigger of tummy this time round than I was with Miss Possum but I hope I finish at the same end point.

I have had no cravings, but the smell of fish makes me icky which is awful as I used to love cooking fresh fish. I hope it is temporary!

Things will start to happen faster now that we are at this point so I will update a little more often on the Little Sea Monkey's progress.


  1. Oh cluck cluck! what a beautiful pic.

  2. Congratulations! What wonderful news!


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