Thursday, March 5, 2009

Miss Possum

My last 8 posts have all been about sewing so I thought that I had better post about life's other joys, mainly Miss Possum. She is now 14 months old and so much fun!

The bottom photo is out of focus but I love it anyway, she would not stand still for a shot. Miss Possum loves talking on the 'phone'. She must have learnt this from her work at home Dad because I don't spend much time on the phone :)

She has an old mobile phone of mine but is just as happy chatting into a calculator or TV remote, as she has never been on a real phone she does not yet realise that conversations should be two sided so she just walks about chatting non stop with the phone of choice to her ear.

Isn't she perfect! We are so lucky :)

While I am posting I had better mention something a bit 'crafty'. I did this morning, sew another two taggie/ribbon blankets ready to be gifted. One will be going to my cousin along with a Black Apple doll as she is due to have a baby girl any time now. The other is a spare so if I need a last minute gift I have something to hand. I will post photos of those when I have news on the arrival.


  1. That is SOOOO cute! Til is Ok with holding the phone to her head but she doesn't chat as well. Mostly she just chews! G. is growing up so quick; I noticed that she's started to lose her baby face : (

    And what's with all this sewing business?!? What did I sweat blood teaching you how to knit for? Just kidding, you were very easy to teach. All the sewing projects look gorgeous. I'd go for a blue theme for G's quilt. Just sayin'...


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