Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Club Reading List

I have just been sent the book pack reading list from the library for my new book club and there are oh so many!! The books in bold I have already read but there are so many others I can see the new book club will be spoilt for choice...

A lesson before dying :Gaines, Ernest J
A short history of Tractors in the ukranian: Lewyca, Marina
A thousand splendid suns: Hosseini, Khaled
A thread of Grace: Russell, Mary Doria
A town like Paris: Corbett, Bryce
Alice's adventures in wonderland: Carol, Lewis
Australia Street: Whitehead, Ann
Breath: Winton, Tim
Conviction: Patterson, Richard North
Cooee: Kelly, Vivienne
Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time: Haddon, Mark
Digging to America: Tyler, Anne
Disgrace: Coetzee, J. M
Kill the possum: Moloney, James
Landscape of Farewell: Miller, Alex
Let me sing you gentle songs: Olsson, Linda
Maps for lost Lovers: Nadeem, Aslam
March: Brooks, Geraldine
Mister Pip: Jones, Lloyd

Never go back: Goddard, Robert
On, Off: McCullough, Colleen
People of the book: Brooks, Geraldine
Red dress walking: Jones, Sarah
Rules for old men waiting: Pouncey, Peter
Salmon fishing in the Yemen: Torday, Paul
Salvation Creek -an unexpected life: Duncan, Susan
Sonata for Miriam: Olsson, Linda
Staring at the light: Fyfield, Frances
Suite Francaise: Nemirovsky, Irene
The art of mending: Berg, Elizabeth
The Boat: Nam, Le
The bonesetters daughter: Tan, Amy
The Book Theif: Zusak, Markus
The boy in the striped pyjamas: Boyne, John
The brief history of the dead: Brockmeier, Kevin
The brief wonderous life of Oscar Wao: Junot, Diaz
The broken shore: Temple, Peter
The Children: Wood, Charlotte
The dive from Clausens Pier: Packer, Ann
The Gathering: Enright, Ann
The God of small things: Roy, Arundhati
The house at Salvation creek: Duncan, Susan
The household guide to dying: Adelaide, Debra
The interpretation of murder: Ruebenfeld, Jed
The kite runner: Hosseini, Khaled
The meaning of night: Cox, Michael
The memory keeper's daughter: Edwards, Kim
The pages: Bail, Murray
The Polished Hoe: Clarke, Austin
The secret scripture: Barry, Sebastian
The shifting fog: Morton, Kate
The Slap: Tsiolkas, Christos
The spare room: Garner, Helen,
The tenderness of wolves: Penney, Stef
The thirteenth Tale: Setterford, Dianne
The time traveler's wife: Niffenegger, Audrey
The time we have taken: Carroll, Steven
The twin: Bakker, Gerbrand
The two pearls of wisdom: Goodman, Alison
The unprofessionals: Hecht, Julie
The white tiger: Adiga, Aravind
The zookeeper's war: Conte, Steven
Vertigo-a pastoral: Lohrey, Amanda
Wanting: Flanagan, Richard
Water for elephants: Gruen, Sara
We need to talk about Kevin: Shriver, Lionel

Can you recommend any from the list?
I can't believe there is only a week to go until our first meeting. I am a bit nervous!


  1. Ive only ever read one of them! That was Alice In Wonderland :)

  2. I like Australian author Tim Winton's books so would be keen to try his latest one 'Breath' - which you have on your list.

  3. Ooh, that list looks delicious! If it were me, I'd love to start with one f the Geralding Brooks books. Both sound really interesting, but especially March (for me). I'm a huge Little Women fan, so I think that would be fascinating. I think I'm inspired to go borrow it today actually!

  4. You'll be fine. You were great at organising and keeping everyone on track in our group. Just imagine the role that you want to have and present it as a fait acompli - you're the leader so folks can take or leave it. Just remember to be prepared for a big attrition rate during the year and be prepared for newbies : ) Our group has now had 100% turn over!

    Given I haven't read any of the none bolded books, I'm going for authors that I like or authors that people I know and whose opinions I respect, like. So, aftet that convolute sentence, I'd recommend these:

    'Digging to America', Anne Tyler (I loved 'The Accidental Tourist')

    'The Bonesetter's Daughter', Amy Tan (I just search Amazon books and discovered I have read this! It was easier to keep track of all the characters that 'The Joy Luck Club'.)

    'The Spare Room' Helen Garner. I've not read any of her stuff, yet I admire her for taking not easy stances in her non-fiction works.

  5. I have been to the library today to pick up our first book pack.

    We have been given the book Maps for lost Lovers: Aslam Nadeem which looks really good.

    Suz ~ I love Geraldine Brooks, I have read all her books and they are all keepers!


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