Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WIP Wednesday ~ March 4th

Strictly speaking, these are not works in progress, as I finished them last night! It is always fun getting jobs ticked off the 'Projects Pending' list :)

While reading Aimee's blog I saw her Taggie/Ribbon Blanket that she had made which made me think of the one Little Miss used to play with. I decided that with the amount of ribbon and material I had I would make one.

The solid blue material is left over curtain fabric from our old house, The patterned stuff has been in my stash for that long I can't remember where I got it, or what I used it for...

Little Miss also had fun reminiscing as she played with it, until she saw my knitting at which point she 'thought' she had found a better toy... I will put this taggie away for our August bub.

The other exciting project I completed was the 'Margaret Bag' As seen on the Oh Fransson Website. This bag was for the March Challenge in the EB sewing groups.

While I was cutting it out, which was the hardest (longest) part, I thought it was going to be tricky. I was surprised by how easily it all came together! It is a great bag and I think I will end up making another one, or two.

I should mention that the outer cotton is $4/m stuff from Spotlight, the lining is plain white drill and the interlining was a couple of Miss Pumpkins old flannel nappies. The button was from my stash so all in all I felt like I had done well, although I am not sure i like this print for a bag, a bit small and busy perhaps?


  1. Well done! I like fabric (black and white contrast).

  2. Love the taggie, yours looks great. The bag looks amazing as well.

  3. Gorgeous!
    That taggie is really sweet :-)


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