Friday, February 27, 2009

First Quilting Project

My Mum has been a quilter for a little while now but I had resisted the urge to join the dark side, until now... There does seem to be something about becoming a Mother yourself that does urge you to discover your creative side and make new and exciting things for your children...

After a trip to Spotlight after Christmas 2008 to pick up some discounted Christmas fabric I decided to make some Santa sacks for Christmas ahead. Before I get in trouble for being organised I would like to point out that I only did this early because:

1. Mum lives in Queensland but visited for a week so I had advice on hand
2. After baby number 2 arrives in August I may be a tad busy in the later half of the year :)

We now have two Santa sacks, one green and one red, using the same 16 block design and different fabric. I was really happy with how they turned out given that I did all the sewing and my old machine does not have a walking foot.

I am now in love with my rotary cutter and mat which was a new purchase in the latest Spotlight sale, how did I live without one this long?

I need to think up another few Christmas projects to sew as I was a bit enthusiastic with the Christmas material purchase and I have a couple of yards left to play with!

I thought I would add a photo of the recipient of one of the Santa sacks, the other recipient does not arrive until August so will have to wait for a photo until then...


  1. wow! they are great :) i can't believe you've done them already, and it's still Feb! Impressive. And your little one is just gorgeous.

  2. Bec,
    Those bags are great, your work is so nice an neat too. Welcome to the dark side...

  3. Hi Becky
    I like your Santa sacks. I'm impressed that this is your first quilting project, its so neat (unlike mine, haha). by the way, toooo organised.


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