Monday, March 23, 2009

A Survival Guide to Camping

Make a list.
I have a spreadsheet on my computer with different sections for different types of camping: General, Rock climbing, Baby, Horses, Sporting etc. I make sure everything relevant to the type of camping we are doing is marked off before we leave. Nothing worse than 'roughing' it harder than you need to because you forgot your pillows or port-a-cot...

Accept the fact that no camp site will be perfect.
You will drive for three hours to discover that you have to pitch your tent on the edge of the Pacific Highway. Rest assured that while you might not sleep on the first night, you will get more rest on the second night...

Delight in the small things.
Kookaburras at dawn, catching up with friends and family, swapping camp cooking recipes over the fire in the evening, time out from the usual run of the mill stuff.

Be flexible.
Your dog may end up sleeping in the tent with you, but not to worry, it is a big tent and she is well behaved...

Take photos.
The competition finished early on both days so DH and I took the chance to duck down to the beach so Miss Possum could have her first sandy experience. She seemed to enjoy it even though she was unsure of the feeling of wet sand shifting underfoot, a problem easily rectified by sitting down.

I think the next camping/sporting event is in two weeks in Glen Innes (Celtic Country) so we get to do it all over again very soon sans beach.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Sent you a reply but don't think you got it. It's nice to know that people are taking the time to read my blog, and now i have found yours to read!!

  2. That really is the key isnt it - I should right down my tips on traveling 3800km with children in two weeks.

    Love the beach photos - we are heading camping again for easter. Will be alot cooler than Christmas time.

  3. She did WAAAAAY better than Til who cried the entire time she was in the water. Admittedly she was only 4 months at the time but she wasn't much better this summer, either!

    A friend of mine has computer lists for camping and has compiled camping menus so she doesn't hve to think too much about it!


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