Sunday, March 8, 2009

On the Needles

It was mentioned (thanks Kate) that I have not been knitting much of late, so I thought I would dedicate today's post to all things plain and purl.

I have in fact been knitting away here and there! I made a little pair of baby bootees (seen back right of photo) for my Due in August arrival and I am most of the way through a little cardigan as well. Although, if I am honest Mum knitted most of it. I asked her to show me something and she went from there.... You can see in the above photo that I (Mum has left so I can say 'I') am up to the last sleeve and only have 7cm to go before I can join it all and block it. It is the same pattern as shown on the front cover of the book. I will also be knitting the little beanie so I have the set.

I have been busy with the New England branch of the NSW Knitters Guild and have become their branch newsletter editor.

My new knitting related love is spinning. I had a go at one of our recent guild meetings and now i 'must' have a wheel of my very own. There was something very soothing about the peddle moving up and down and the glob of wool in my hands being turned into a usable product. My hands felt soft when I had finished and I proudly came home to show DH my sample which had been wound onto a bit of card for me. Shame it is not big enough to do anything!

Thanks to Beryl who let me use her wheel, wool and knowledge to get me hooked :)

Thanks also to Joan who gave me so many pattern books for baby knits shown below, the hard part is picking just one project from these, but think I have decided on a pair of knitted pants (longies) from the Modern knits baby book on the far left.

So there you have it, I have, and do knit in amongst all my other projects :)

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  1. Love the little cardi pattern. I am knitting something similar for Miss M at the moment, just have the second half of sleeve and one of the front panels to finish it off. I too would love to spin my own wool, I remember my gran used to have a spinner, I wonder if she still has it in her shed . . . must ask her!


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