Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Softie Making

Ever since Amy gifted me the Badskirt 'Moxie the Doxie' sausage dog pattern I have had plans to make a couple.  The only problem with this plan is that my 'couple' got pinched before they were even finished and have been off having adventures with the children ever since.  That meant I had to make a couple more.

Shame I ran out of hobby fill as I would love to have these all finished.  I have also lost my button jar.  A house search has not turned it up so I have to buy more hobby fill, and buttons.

Gosh they are cute (even without legs).


  1. Hi Bec,

    Your sausage dogs are A D O R A B L E, legs or no legs !.
    Your craft is inspirational.

    Aunty K.

  2. How cute do they look, legless, eyeless and all. You reminded me how much I wanted to get some of Amy's softie patterns. She doesn't seem to have them for sale any more :-(

  3. They do look cute...it is frustrating when things go missing too. x


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