Thursday, September 17, 2009


More blocks for the quilting bee Around the block! This block belongs to Helen who asked for a Wonky House.

I found this VERY hard. Especially working out how big to make each section knowing that I would lose some to seam allowance and then extra to trim it wonky before adding the next piece of the puzzle.

As you can see in the below photo I did not always get it right :( I had to add an extra bit in after realising that my block would be a little on the small side of the requested 12x15". So annoying as I was loving this block until this happened.


  1. What is a little extra wonk between friends - still looks good:)

  2. Isn't it ironic how if you were trying to sew a striaght house, there would probably be some wonk but it was hard to wonk when you wanted it!!

    It looks like you've done a great job. I am sure Helen will appreciate your wonkiness.

  3. I think you've wonked really well. It's a cheerful, bright block. You should learn to not point out your mistakes though lol!


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