Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The end... kind of!

How exciting! On Friday I received a very fantastic parcel, my blocks all complete from Chaletgirl's blockswap :) I have spent the entire weekend playing with the layout, which is different to the photos as it would seem that I have to keep moving this block with that until it is just right :)

Now I have to work out how much fabric I need to add the border sashing and I can get sewing!! I know the fabric I want so it will come together quickly once I get sewing :)

I just need advice on how to quilt it, it will be a double size. What would you do? It may be too big for me to manage?

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  1. Hi Becky! Your quilt will look great!! the colours are so pretty - how about just simple straight lines diagonally through each block - not too hard to negotiate through the machine?? I do like the blocks on point though - I may do that with mine.


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