Friday, June 5, 2009

Block Swap Mail Out 3

Mail out three is done and headed back to Sheridan :)

I was very nervous this round as the first set of blocks pictured are Sheridan's so there was a bit of added pressure ;) I love the two floral prints that I paired with the pindots.

Next up I had Bronwyn's floral print to pair, the pink and green both worked really well with this fabric.

All up I was happy with this month's results, even if my machine was playing up and causing grief :(

Have I mentioned that I have signed up for another swap? Yes, I am crazy as this one runs till the end of the year and I will have a new baby to contend with soon. It just looked so interesting and it was hard to say no... It is a Round Robin Block Swap with the girls on Essential Baby (EB).

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  1. Holey moley. You do realise how busy you are going to be soon!! Thankfully small babies nap all day but just you wait until miss possum and babies naps are not at the same time. You will be wondering when the day ends.


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