Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Burrinjuck Waters State Park

Back in 2010 we went to Burrinjuck Waters State Park to for the first time to catch up with a group of friends.  It is a great park to visit for a family weekend away or group catch up as there are clusters of cabins so you can all book in the same section and be next to each other while still having your own space.  The children all have fun popping from cabin to cabin all weekend to play together too.

They also have a great little park to play in, plenty of room to ride bikes and walk about and also friendly parrots and kangaroos.  The kids love feeding the birds and there were lots of squeals of laughter.

We went back in 2012 for another catch up.  It is always fun to see how much the other kids have grown and to see friends in person again.  

The kangaroos and parrots have not changed a bit but Blue is now riding about on his bike with his training wheels on.  Memory tells me that he was not riding so much as being pushed about but he still had fun.  This trip was also very wet.  We spent all weekend drying and changing clothes but the kids loved it.

Our latest visit was this year.  We only seem to make it every second year as it is a nine hour drive for us from where we live now.  We always have good intentions of going every year for the annual catch up but our good intentions fade with the effort involved in getting us there and we have only managed every second year so far.

The above photo reminds me of theone of Blue taken in 2010.  He is older but with the same love of the outdoors and same cheeky smile.  His bike is bigger too.

It is always nice to wander down to the dam.  We don't spend much time near the water and both children enjoy watching the boats and tossing in the odd rock.

We always enjoy our trips here.  Good friends are worth the effort and it always feels like just yesterday we saw them.  Our children play together so well even though we are now spread out from moving and they don't see each other very often.  Friends are like that.

The staff at the park are always super helpful too.  As you can imagine, in trying to coordinate 5 families we tend to change booking details and dates until we are finally organised and they always help without complaint. 

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  1. It looks like a great spot. We should organise a few trips together next year that we are going to be closer. I can't wait to see you again.


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