Thursday, January 17, 2013


After having so much fun with the Stitched in Color Handstitched class last year I decided to sign up for the Curves class this year.  No, I have not actually finished my Handstitched quilt, but that is beside the point!

I am on a self imposed budget this year so am trying to use as much stash fabric as I can; so far so good.

I made a set in red and green for Possum's room.  Her favourite colour is red.  I didn't have any bias tape so I made some out of some light blue poplin I had here.  She is pretty impressed with my efforts, so am I.


Blue got a set in green and blue.  I made enough light blue bias tape to do both sets.  

I do like the fact that they both have green as a feature, and that they both use Denyse Schmidt fabric from the stash.  I also like that I finally used the bias tape maker I bought long ago for the first time on this project; so much more fun to use your gadgets! 

Given we only just painted their rooms over the Christmas holiday period this has been a nice way  to decorate given the neutral paint palette we chose. 


  1. What a great set - one for each. Blue's is my favorite though. Love those colors & prints!

  2. I have a bias tape maker that I have never used. Maybe I should get it out.

  3. They are truly beautiful, Becky! You have such a talent for all things. Do I spy a new Nikon? How are you liking it?

  4. Great job, Becky. And, your pictures are so pretty too. Love the photographs on that gorgeous siding.


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