Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lightning Ridge

Further to our camping adventures mentioned in the last post, we also went to Lightning Ridge.  It was AMAZING.  So very different to anything I had seen before.

The bottle house.  The light inside from the sun shining through this glass would be amazing to live with.  I wonder how long it took to drink the beer in the bottles?  

In any given direction you would see either mounds taken from mines, shafts, or shacks.

A beer can house built in 1977.  I thought this was wonderful!

A Church knocked up for a film set.

And a castle made by Amigo.  It even has dungeons under that connect to this mine.
Part of me wants to live here.

I didn't find my own opal, but I bought some in a small pair of earrings :)

If you have small children there is still plenty of things to see and do, but don't go in Summer for a visit, it was already verging on too hot for my two smalls.

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