Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Creative Space ~ On Holidays

My Creative Space has been on holidays around here in that:
1. I have been on holidays
2. So has my desire to see a creative project through to the end...

I could show you photos of my barely started scarf that I thought I would finish in the car while tripping about, or the barely touched man jumper that I should be working on.  There is still a half knit felted bag and a mostly knit beanie that I could show you too...

I can't show you anything in the house, 4 weeks out from the move I have not bothered to start packing, but cleaning has not been high on the list of jobs to do either so you don't want to see any of that...

I have quilting blocks to sew, and mending to do, but none of it has been done...

I am instead going to slip in a few photos of my little one taken last weekend while we were away.
10 months old!  Hard to believe he is growing so very quickly.  Also hard to believe that last night he pulled himself up onto his feet for the first time.
He has five teeth and still mostly says 'MumMumMum', the Mr has said that 'Dad' has featured in there too, but I have not heard it yet ;)

So there you have it, holiday wrap up and Creative Space all in one :)
I am off to clean my house, and then sew something!


  1. They grow so fast!! We were looking at photos of our 18 month old from 12 months ago last night - my goodness things have changed!!!

    It sounds like a lovely holiday, and your space is sounding a lot like mine at the moment!!

  2. I think you need a good cuppa before you start cleaning! that can wait.
    your family pics are great, so very cute ♥

  3. I feel like I can really empathise with your situation. When the projects start to build up and feel like "shoulds" my creative mojo is instantly sapped.

  4. he is beautiful! and i bet those leaves taste yummy! 5 teeth too! my 20mth old still only has 6 lol! He is growing so big so fast :) and it looks as though you are doing a fantastic job!

  5. sounds like a wonderful holiday-what an adorable bright eyed baby! Amazing blue eyes look so lovely in these shots...

  6. I think that little cutie you've featured this week has to be the ultimate creation! x

  7. little ones are quite distracting, arent they!

  8. i love your new header and the quote. pics of the littles are always welcome.

  9. Isn't he gorgeous!! When he tries to stand next time gently push him back down - he can't possibly be old enough to stand yet!!

  10. you have been creative ... watching that little sweetie grow. he's gorgeous.
    My Creative Space

  11. he is so cute. i bet your mr doesn't hear dad instead of mummummum at 4am. hope you find the time and the inspiration to get into some fun projects soon


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