Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space ~ Kids Craft

We took advantage of a warm spot of Autumn weather to duck outside and make Goop, or 'Gooey Gooey Stuff' as the small girl excitedly called it.  The idea came from a copy of Australian Women's Weekly kid craft book I found in an op-shop and we will be doing this again when it is warm enough.

It was very messy but easy to clean up outside.  The girl had to pour it on her legs and feet, and then in her hair all the while excitedly chattering about what she was doing.  There are some other great ideas in that book which I will be sure to try out too.

It got much messier than these photos suggest but I got my camera out of the danger zone before the fun really started.

2 packs cornflour
2 cups water
food colouring
Large container
Outside craft for old clothes.  Goop hoses down for easy cleanup.

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  1. Cute picture...Goop sounds fun but not sure if I am ready haha.

  2. I love the pic with the goop splatters.

  3. Love it!! Great thing to do on a sunny day.


  4. I can't imagine it being that warm, we've hit a cold snap here in melb. She is so damn cute! She sure puts a smile on my face, love seeing what you guys are up to. And it clicked the other day, I call my little 'poss' a lot of the time, how funny. I remember my mum doing the same with me. what is it about possums?? heehee

  5. That looks like heaps of fun! My boys would love it :)

  6. Oh I really LOVE the look of that Goop. I shall have to print out the recipe to make up sometime, as my boys would think it was fantastic.

    I do love the photos - she looks so cute (and er, goopy!)

  7. That looks like so much fun, my little boy would love it!!! (me too secretly)

    Thank yo for the recipe, I've often wondered how to make it when I see it at kindy.

  8. goop!!! love it. now to wait for some warmish weather.

  9. Yay for GOOP! Your little girl is adorable. :D

  10. That looks like so much fun - thanks so much for sharing the recipe. We'll be doing this soon too me thinks :)

  11. How cute is she and that smile:)

    Add a little less water and you will be able to roll it into a ball and then leave in in your ahnd and te heat will make it run through your fingers.

    Another great one is slime - not sure if it is in the book - maybe I should do a post about it:) It is great for cleaning rings and watches.

  12. Awesome, love them 'earning' a good shower or bath!! So textural & fun. Love Posie

  13. she is soooo cute and looks like she is so pleased with herself

  14. It is freeeeeeezing here but that looks like the best fun. Might have to put the heater on in the bathroom and have a play with some this weekend. Looks too fun to wait til summer. Those pictures are divine.


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