Saturday, October 1, 2011

{one} Blogtober

We are meant to be fencing but the general rain has put a stop to that.  The creek bank was too slippery and the tractor couldn't get purchase to climb out over the far bank which did not help matters.

This meant that is was perfect weather for a lamb to arrive.  This one was born in our orchard this morning.  The Mr had to assist as it presented nose first with no feet to be seen.

I am not in the habit of naming the lambs, not even the two bottle fed poddys, but I have a strange urge to call this one Bloggy.  Whatever we call it, it is a nice way to kick start Blogtoberfest!

edit: this lamb is now in our lounge room in front of the fire.  After it's rough start it didn't have the strength to get up and drink.  We are doing our best to help her out and have fingers crossed.


  1. Too sweet...hope you are able to help "Bloggy " alot.

  2. Too sweet...hope you are able to help "Bloggy " alot.

  3. *giggles at "Bloggy"*

    Have my fingers crossed for the wee thing too.

    Happy Blogtoberfest Beck.

  4. Bloogy indeed. Fingers crossed that she makes it though the night. I alwasy name the Poddys on the inlaws farm when I am there - I once had a Will and Grace to look after:)

  5. Oh I hope Bloggy is thriving now - sounds like a great place to recuperate, in front of the fire!

  6. Hi Bec & Family,

    We hope that Bloggy makes a swift recovery, sweet little lamb.
    You have all done your best, good luck,baby lamb. K.B

  7. Happy Blogtoberfest!

    I hope that Bloggy is doing well. She is very cute.

  8. Hope bloggy is doing well!


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