Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{twelve} random thoughts

Procrastinating is easy when you should be studying, or doing housework.... unless the assessment is due tomorrow at which point in time you decide to do the housework as another form of procrastination...

Children lull you into a false sense of security and you pat yourself on the back for being a good Mum and having happy kids and a calm house.  Then you are home alone for a week and they let you have it. Pow!!

Sometimes it is hard to be happy, but chocolate helps.  I eat too much chocolate.  I would cut back on the chocolate but I fear my intake of bubbly and beer might rise as a consequence.  At least I can still legally drive after a box of chocolate.

I wasn't going to blog today because I am feeling a tad restless and not quite myself, but I am myself enough that I know it would bug me tomorrow if I wigged out and missed a day of Blogtober so as a result my random thoughts are it for today.  



  1. LOL! At least it was a coherent random thought!!

  2. As long as you dont mix the beer and bubbly, it causes pyro-technics... Well it does whenever Ive tried it ;)

    chocolate is good, Im pretending that it wasnt on the list of bad foods for my health issues!

  3. Yes.. I too am impressed with the coherence of your random thought.

    Those POW moments sure drive me to chocolate or milk arrowroot biscuits too! (and probably the red stuff if I wasn't breast feeding!)


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