Friday, October 14, 2011

{fourteen} medallion quilt

The challenge for the second round of the medallion quilt along had been set as squares.  I left it awhile to consider my option s and decided on a 9 patch block.  Easy math may have been a consideration!

I bought some grey to let me add a border to frame each new round.  I wasn't going to buy any new fabric for this project but I decided I had to.  Glad I did as I think it sets it off well so no guilt here (or not much anyway!). One side is 48 inches across.

There are still three rounds to add and I have no idea what the theme for each will be.  The 9 patch blocks did add a lot of size in a hurry and I hope I didn't overdo things and use too much of the fabrics early on.  Time will tell!


  1. Wow Becky, that looks fantastic! Seeing yours has pretty much persuaded me that a border around each row would be a good thing for mine as well. I'm still deliberating what to do with this round! I keep on changing my mind....

  2. The colours in this quilt are lovely Becky, it will be nice to see it grow over time.

  3. Another awesome medalion block. Woo hoo!


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