Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{twenty five} group work

I don't feel like I am represented on this picture.  Where is the person who sees the value in trying a cooperative learning task and wants the group to all contribute as intended for a desirable group outcome?

I am having trouble convincing the group that a cooperative learning task can only work if everyone has a discussion about the topic and moves on from there.  I have no authority over the group which adds to the challenge, but I don't want one person to write an essay and then get someone to check spelling and fob it off as a group activity.  Who will learn anything from that?

Rant over (for now!).

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  1. I hate group assignments. I am the one who always puts in more than my share of the work. There are always slackers. In one group assignment, we got penalised as one of the guys didn't do anything, he sent in work that was a cut and paste word for word from a text book and then did not show up to the final presentation of our work as he dropped the class the week before. The reason we were penalised, we should have given him more opportunity to contribute. Good luck with your assignment.


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