Saturday, October 8, 2011

{eight} sandpit

These holidays we decided to get a load of sand to make the children a sand pit.

There was an old wagon wheel tyre down the paddock when we moved in here so we rolled it into the orchard to sit in front of the cubby house under the almond trees.

Both children are impressed and I am happy that they have a great spot to play outside in the shade on long Summer afternoons.  A tyre swing is next on the agenda out there.

Of course, it has been the WETTEST couple of weeks since we did this which is not great for playing outside, but when there is a break in the clouds it is all systems go in the sandpit.

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  1. Sand pit play is so much fun. Tyre swing sounds awesome too.

  2. Nothing like sand inbetween your toes (or in the laundry, bathroom and trapped through the house! Can you tell that our Sandpit is at the back door)
    Enjoy the break in the clouds.

  3. We are planning a summer sandpit here, too, lovely! (and messy, lol)


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