Monday, October 3, 2011

{three} kids craft

A few pipe cleaners and a couple of fluffy pom poms.  Glue on some eyes and we had a quick craft effort to combat the rain (lots of rain!) over the weekend.

One of these critters even survived the night tucked up in bed with Possum.  I am not sure how it ended up looking much the same come morning because I have slept with her, and it isn't easy.  She is a wriggler and likes to keep at least four points of contact with you as she moves about.


  1. Haha, I had a wriggler too when she was younger. I still wake up somoe nights on the adge of my side- they have to be snuggled, don't they? maybe the spider crawled out and jumped back in the morning haha. And you know it's special when they want to sleep with it! Mine slept with new shoes one night....

  2. What a simply lovely idea...will tuck that away for a playgroup idea...just perfect for toddlers I would think.


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