Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lazy Saturday

A lazy day for us enjoying the outdoors, wood carting and having a picnic by the creek.

A nice way to start the holidays in which there are no music lessons and no playgroup.  Next term Possum starts pre-school as well so we will be even busier.  Until then we will relax and take it easy and enjoy being at home.

While wood carting The Mr hurt his finger.  Possum turned to him and said ‘Just be brave and patient and it will get better in a couple of days or three’.  She also said she was glad this bee was busy in the creek paddock making honey for us.  I would love to get some hives.


  1. If I hurt myself or if I am sick, Ella always says "don't worry, you will get better in a couple of months"

  2. Aren't holidays great - no need to rush and fuss to get out the door to somewhere on time. Can you tell I'm not looking forward to the school run next year!!


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