Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st


Happy December 1st.  The start of the Christmas silly season.
This year I am ready because I have made my Advent Calendar.  I bought it with the intention of making it for Christmas 2009, but then I ran out of time.  This year, I was a little more organised!

I am now trying to think of enough fun projects to fill each pocket. 
Easy, family friendly activities for each day.  A picnic by the creek, a gingerbread house kit, the Christmas service at the local Church, the community Christmas party in a neighbouring wool shed complete with a Santa visit...  I need to think of a few more!

 This will be the first year I have had an Advent Calendar, I hope it will become a new tradition that the children will enjoy. 


  1. Your calender looks fantastic! It is the same one I made last year, mine has been hung but I've yet to fill it yet - last year I chose small chocolates and lollies, but I love your ideas for activities, will include some of those in mine this year

  2. That is gorgeous Becky, you've inspired me to be prepared.....

    For next year lol

  3. well done getting it finished Becky, the children will love it!

  4. I was up until all hours last night finishing our advent calendar. We're going to be trying out our hand-me-down ice-cream maker on Friday as an Advent activity!

  5. i am so bad with advent. i have good intentions every year...maybe next year. yours is lovely.

  6. What a great job you have done! Looks fab. I have to hunt down an advent calendar here !!!

  7. That's awesome, looks great. I finally finished mine too, on Dec 1st. I still need to fill half the pockets as well.

  8. Thanks very much for Rex's swap package!

    Love the laced laminated pages the mostest (Rex is pretty keen on the modelling clay, as he doesn't know how good wizz fizz is!)

    You'll note (on my blog) that our December advent will be not be starting 1st December...

    Thanks again and merry merry christmas to you


  9. This is excellent! Well done you. At least you'll be able to put your ideas into ones from #8 onwards so you don't have so many pockets to fill! And I'm with LilOlFrankie, next year this'll be me : )

    Ideas for the other pockets: Extra bed time story; a game of Jumpspot all the way through town on your next visit (jump on all the utilities covers to see if they wobble); cubby houses (couches back-to-back with a big blanket or quilt); tissue box mysteries (small
    items in a tissue box - guess what they are before you draw them out). Call me if you need more to do's : )

  10. Gorgeous Advent Calendar!! Hope to see you in Sydney for the Sew It Together!! xx

  11. THat is gorgeous. Congrats on getting one day. I am still saying "next year"...


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