Friday, December 10, 2010

My Happy List

There has been a lot of chat about the current floods and how they are affecting people which is somewhat sobering in this holiday season so when I saw Kate had done a list of Happy Things to focus on I thought I would have a go too.

A husband I love and two blue eyed children who smile and keep me on my toes.  Parents I can call and other family popping in to read my blog and cheer me on from the sidelines.  Thank you!  You can leave comments you know, just click the 'annonymous' user option.

Our block of land.  At the moment it is acres of thistles and an old house but we are turning it into our home.  It is hard work but I feel happy here and love the local community we have found ourselves a part of.

Friends.  Thank you for your friendship, support and blog comments over the past year.  Keep it up next year too please ;) 

Knitting and Sewing.  I love the quiet time, the fact that I am creating something useful and nice for our use in and around the home. And the dancing Possum does when she gets to wear something new always makes me smile.

Photos of Wagga Wagga.

Thankfully, while our creek does flood, it does not cut our access or affect our arable land.  We are lucky and our thoughts are with those who have an uneasy eye still cast on the weather reports.  Spare a thought for the flooded houses, the ruined crops, the stock and the workers on enforced downtime.

edit:  Kate has started a meme to spread the happiness.  Check it out here and join in!


  1. Great post Becky!!!

    I love all of the things you are thankful for on your 'Happy List' and your pictures were so moving as I read through each and every 1!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  2. That is one great list. I realte to so much of it and reading it has made me happy all over again. There is so much hardship and disappointment right now but if we focus on the god stuff we are sure to get through it and to move on.
    Have a really happy weekend Becky. X

  3. Oops, I meant relate and good. I think it is a bit funny that my typo said to focus on the god stuff. X

  4. it is really wonderful to read your happy list Becky.
    it's these things that make us smile despite the not sooo smiley things.
    I wish you & your blue eyed creatures some sunshine & smiles.
    hugs ♥

  5. A beautiful and inspiring list matey.

    Jo XX

  6. An inspiring list Becky. Thank you for sharing. x

  7. A very Happy list ! Have a great weekend, Dee x

  8. Nice to see that you can find the happy even in difficult times. It is what makes survival easier. Cherrie

  9. I love this post, and I also really love your 'subtitle' in your header!

  10. Ahhhh Ms Becky your list has made my heart melt, so beautiful, so loving, you're one special, much loved, happy girl. Stay safe and dry Darling. xoxoxoxo.

  11. What a wonderful and thoughtful post.

  12. I love your list too - thank you!

  13. Great happy list!!!

  14. a very happy list. a great gift to be able to see happiness in times that test you


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