Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent 8-11

Plenty of Advent activities underway here.

The 8th saw us at the Playgroup Christmas party. I will really miss Playgroup over the next 7 weeks as the activities, craft and support are wonderful in our local group.

When Santa left he jumped in his sleigh, a converted box trailer towed behind a car, and drove down the street while sitting in his trailer's chair.  How fun, if not exactly legal.

The 9th was a day when I needed a rest so the activity for the day was reading two new Christmas books I found in the second hand shop and had put away.  They join a growing Christmas book collection.

Friday the 10th was going to be a trip to the park, but it rained (again!) so we ended up at the library instead.  Neither child minded as they both love the puzzles and books in the children's section.

Today saw us build a Gingerbread house.  It looks pretty good given we didn't know what we were doing!  Possum and the Mr both helped and had fun.  Blue slept, but has made up for that by helping to eat a bit of it already.  I don't think this house will last long, Possum is already 'Gingersbread Hungy'.


  1. Was your Gingerbread house a kit, those decorations are amazing

  2. I'm gingerbread hungry too looking at your gorgeous house! Love the little people out the front - so cute!

  3. Kirsty, it was a kit that I picked up from Aldi back in September.

  4. that is such a cute house!!
    I am still smiling at the vision of Santa in his trailer

  5. Sounds like you are having a fun start to the festive season! I love the gingerbread house. So cute! Bet it tastes great too!

  6. 'Gingerbread Hungry' by Christmas she will be Christmas and Santa Hungry - watch out Reindeer.

    Looks like you are having LOTS of fun:)


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