Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Again

We have been away for a few days and I am glad to be back home. 
Such a nice feeling to walk in your own door and feel happy.  

We dodged flood water heading down South.

When we got there, more dodging water in town.
After I took this photo, the underground car park flooded.  Glad I wasn't parked in there!

And again on the way home...

It wasn't all water.  We caught up with friends and family and had a fun day at the races.  Here is Possum chasing the boys.  They were older and faster but she managed to keep up, mostly.


  1. Oh you were in Wagga! Glad you got home all safe and sound! My husband left that underground carpark only 15 minutes before the water poured in! Our friends shop wasn't so lucky, the water filled their shop and their storage locker which was in the underground carpark area. today's been tense down here waiting for the water to level off, hope it drops enough now to survive through the rain tomorrow-Fri or we will be waving from our rooftops on the news! LOL

  2. Oh wow. Lots of water dodging... good to be home all nice and dry.

  3. Glad you are home safe - wow - aren't Wagga having a down pour at the moment. Must say that as I sit here semi dry it is the first time this year that I have not wished that I was there.

  4. oh wow! what a sight Becky.
    luckily you are all safe. can't believe what this rain is doing to certain areas.
    hope it is a rainfree weekend


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