Monday, November 29, 2010

At My House

At My House we are feeling healthy again after a bout with a bug.  We have been sick with frequency of late.  Every bug that goes around ends up here with thanks to the small people in the house.

We sold a few excess rams, but still have a couple to go as soon as they are ready.  The clean up continues of stock and stuff that was left here when we moved in.

We have been slashing thistles and mowing too.

I have been getting excited about Sew It Together next year, but the Mr thinks it is funny to blog about 'I will be here on such and such a day' events as opposed to events in the past so if you are wondering, I am not going, and if I was I would be hitch hiking from Alice Springs or catching a bus from Hamilton or something other than what I am actually doing.  Confused?  Me too...

We have also been having pony rides.  This is Lily. 
Lily is a wonderful and quiet pony and we love her just a little bit, especially Possum.


  1. Maya would be so jealous of Possum on a pony! You have some beautiful photos up Becky

  2. Lily is beautiful!

    Glad you all feel better:)

  3. Gorgeous photos. It looks like the perfect sized pony for a little one. Glad you are feeling better. I am hoping summer will be a healthier time for everyone! Lou.

  4. How totally sweet are those horse riding shots?? Love her, love Posie

  5. Possum on a pony! How gorgeous!

  6. Oh - so your NOT going - me either LOL!

    Glad to hear that you are all on the mend - and how cute is she on the pony:)

  7. lucky little tate would love that pony.

  8. How wonderful your farm life is. I love these pics, just gorgeous, glad you are all feeling better too xxx


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