Friday, December 31, 2010


 Photo credit to the Mr for this butterfly capture.

2010 was such a big year for us.  Two small children, the search for land, buying land, the move and now the renovation phase.  I wouldn't change anything, but I am ready to relax now thanks very much...

I have loved having time to sew, and to knit.  We have enjoyed settling in to our new small community.  The children have been a delight and I think next year will be even better!

We have tried to be as self supporting as we can.  Lamb, beef and veggies all grown here by ourselves.  Soap and washing liquid made by me and home brew beer.  Next year I would love to do better and buy even less. 

It has been fun experiencing our first lambing season, selling sheep, and having a couple of cows.  Next year will be easier because when we moved in here nearly 6 months ago we had no idea what was what and had to learn quickly!

I took some personal comments about the Possum Blue blog to heart and as a result, made it private.  Today I opened it back up.  Yup, it is the end of the year, and I am putting it behind me and moving forward.

I don't normally make resolutions, but in 2011 I would like to get fitter, by actually exercising.  I would also like to spend less money.

There, it is in writing, so must happen!

I feel content at the end of 2010, and excited by the promise held by the New Year.
I hope you do too.
Happy New Year!


  1. "Congratulations" on a year well lived & loved.
    I am certain that your lives will continue to be enriched by the effort,support,respect & love you bestow on family & all things of interest & use.
    Brilliant effort, keep up the good work.
    P.S Love the Mrs Photography.

  2. Happy new year to you too! Getting fit and spending less - they're at the top of my list too. I have never written down resolutions before - maybe that's where I'm going wrong LOL. Perhaps I will, tomorrow!

  3. Happy new year. Thanks for your help with Harry and his hearing issues. It was most appreciated and has helped with the journey we have been taking with it. I am glad you opened up your Possum Blue blog again - I enjoyed reading it and missed it when it was 'private'

  4. I tend to call my resolutions 'intentions'. But this is more a measure of how my world won't shake if i don't meet them. I'd like to think I could get behind the spend less resolution, though.

    Perhaps buying no crafting materials until I use the ones I have?

  5. You sound really happy and content, Becky. Wishing you loads more happiness for the year ahead. I look forward to seeing Possum Blue again too xxx

  6. sign me up for the land search, buying, and renovation. i am so ready. your an inspiration. blessing in 2011.

  7. Good luck with your 2011. YOu had a huge 2010 and from sitting here I think that you have all achieved so much.
    Looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings you.


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