Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Photos. Five Facts.

1. I love the holidays.  Time to play, time to relax.  Special time for the whole family.
2. I buy chocolate chips every time I do the groceries.  They should be used to bake cookies, but I always eat them before I get that far.
3. We don't own a dishwasher, and I say we don't need one, but the Mr mostly does the dishes and he thinks we do need one.  One day when we put a new kitchen in...
4. I really want to win lotto, but not enough that I ever buy a ticket.
5. I would love a good photo with both my children in it, I am still trying!

Playing along with Pip's latest meme
The above photos are the children playing in Jelly Baff in the paddling pool outside.


  1. I love the contrast in your kids hair! I'm the same with the lotto ticket!

  2. :) I saw something similar done on Kate's blog the other day (foxs land - kate) Love the pictures. Dont worry about having a good photo of the kids together - I have one that I am going to share on New Years day that you will LOVE:)

    How much fun is that jelly stuff look - the kids have a box that I have kept hidden - might have to try it outside when we get home (if we ever get home - a little bit stranded here at the moment)


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