Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh Boy

The Milo Vest mentioned here last Wednesday is finished and fitted. 
It fits him rather well given that it is the 12 month size and he is only 6 months.

All the details of this knit can be found in my projects page on Ravelry. 

It is getting harder to get good photos that are in focus as he moves fast for someone who is not very mobile!  It is also hard to get a picture of the front of anything as he now spends more time on his tummy.  Gone are the days when tummy time was considered a bad thing.

On Tuesday he started saying Mum Mum Mum, which is nice as his big sister started with Dad as her first word.  Pity that on Thurday he caught his first cold so I have had a lot of sad Mum Mum Mums to listen to, I have also had less sleep than I like...


  1. Awww the sad mum mum mums!! That is a heartbreaking tragedy Hope he gets better soon. I must say both of mine said mum first, cos I cheated. Vest looks great, I think with knitting alot of the time I have to go up a size...

  2. Aww - the sad Mum mum mum's :( I had those this morning when my little man descided that he needed a cuddle from me. But all I could do was smile (he had gone from 6 till 10 this morning not even wanting to look at me, he even stopped eating breakfast when I sat down at the table) He has become a Daddy's boy and I miss him:(

    The mio looks great - I had to add exra lenght onto the pattern for Baden,Georgies kid are little and I found that the lenght ran small:)

  3. Oh how lovely, all of mine went for Dad-dah first, even if he was away at war for 9 months, clearly i did excellent PR for Daddy in his absense. Hope he's back to chirpier Mum Mum Mums soon. Love Posie


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