Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catching Up

I have finally finished these two blocks that Sheridan has been waiting for.  They were December blocks for Around the Block and I have only just finished them tonight.  Lucky Sheridan has been away on holidays which let me get away with tardy behaviour!

In other block related news, I sent two blocks to Abbe at Copper Patch which have arrived. I am really looking forward to seeing all those blocks come together into a quilt for her friend.

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  1. Like your colours Becky. The apple fabric is definitely my fave. My quilting group is doing a 12 month block swap with a block called 'Cross Roads to Jericho'... We had to supply our own fabrics and it's been interesting to see how everyone else's blocks are turning out. So far I've done six (I have two entries in the swap) and I only just thought of taking some picture of the last two. I might post them... :)


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