Sunday, February 21, 2010

(A VERY Wordy) Wordless Weekend

We are still working towards making this block ours.  Preliminary DA is lodged with Council, questions have been put to the Vendors and now the wheels are steadily ticking over.

In the quiet of the night we have wondered if we are crazy to think about this block. 
The darkness lets us whisper quiet fears that seem smaller of a day. 

There is no power. 
A very small cottage with a wood fired oven and hot water system. 
It is isolated.

We think we can turn it into somewhere special to raise our children and live.
There is space, and quiet.

I think we can do it...

Can't we?


  1. Oh yes you can!!! That is our wish one day, we hope to make the move out of the big city in around 2-3 years.

  2. you can do it! it is a stunning block. We hope to do something similar soon :) will be following your journey with great interest.

  3. Follow your dreams. If it feels right give it a go

  4. Oh go for it, solar passive, the whole hog!! We only live in the cities around this country as that is where my husband's work takes us but Canberra is so country, we're loving it here!! Will be hard to leave the country atmosphere to move to a new city (Brisbane). We plan to build us house in the near future in a rural coastal area just for us as the children will have grown up & left. 'tis why i enjoy them so much now!! Love Posie

  5. Yes, yes, yes!

    We are thinking about a city-based version of this...moving from a suburban block to 5 acres on the outskirts and I wonder if it will suit us, but all I can think about is the space to explore for our kids and I am weak-kneed.

    It's beautiful. Go for it.

  6. Yes you can! It will be wonderful for you and your kids :)

  7. If anyone can do it you can Becky. Scary all the same:) Best of luck with the process that you are undertaking. I am here f you need to chat.

    Love K

  8. Oh for sure!!! Where there's a will there's a way and if you have the heart and the passion for making this life your own then any thing is possible... I think it sounds just divine, go for it!!!!

    Jodie :)

  9. What a gorgeous spot - if you want to do it then you certainly can (STCA!!). Fingers crossed that it works out for you and your family. I can feel the tranquility...

  10. Trust yourself and each other. Keep talking and whispering and you guys will know what to do. xxx

  11. Gorgeous Becky - Imagine waking up to that outlook every morning - well worth the effort involved I am sure.
    Hope it all goes well and becomes yours soon.


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