Friday, November 27, 2009


Did you know it is Vestvember on Ravelry?  As I had started a Milo Vest recently I decided to use this as motivation to finish it.  It worked!

The only problem with finishing it so quickly is that it is too big!  I had cast on a large size so that Possum would grow into it by the time I cast off...  Better too big than too small, and she must be due for a growth spurt over the summer months so it will be perfect next Autumn and Spring.

This is my first project knitting on the round, my first go at a cable, and my first sewn bind off.


  1. Lovely!
    The Milo is a wonderful pattern isn't it - it was also my first cable - I'd always been too intimidated to try it before this.

  2. Well done - it looks great - she is certain to have a growth spurt one of these days:) She looks so grown up now. Hugs

  3. It's gorgeous Becky. You've done a great job and you're right that too big is better than too small. But it doesn't look too big for your Possum to wear now anyway.

  4. It looks fantastic! I'd never have guessed it included so many firsts. It's great finishing knitty things, isn't it!


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