Monday, November 16, 2009

Knitting Camp

I am back from a weekend away with some girls from Ravelry. We had such a great time and are already talking about our next knitting retreat.

Ellie has a cottage on her property which is where we all stayed. It was perfect!

I had a go at wet felting a little basket, it was fun to make and Possum has discovered it is the perfect size to be a hat for her doll. It makes a better hat than basket so this is good :)

We ate so much good food, all home cooked and wonderful.

I was one of the few who did not have a wheel. I will have to do something about this VERY soon. In fact, I am going to get on the phone as soon as I finish this post and put my name down!

This wheel is named Thumbelina and I think she is PERFECT!!

The swift got a good workout, Baby Bug loved watching it fly round.

There was so much beautiful yarn!! I had serious yarn envy, I have a lot of wool but nothing this beautiful...

I got some tips on kettle dying which I am keen to try out too!

It really was a lot of fun and just what I needed.
Thanks girls, I can't wait to do it again!!


  1. Some of that knitting looks lovely. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. May there be many more retreats!

  2. what lovely photos :) It was a great weekend, I can't believe it was over so soon!!

  3. Wow - what a fantastic weekend you must have had!
    Very inspiring :-)

  4. It was heaps of fun - glad you could come! Your photos are beautiful too :)

  5. Wow that cottage and the food looked so good. I can appreciate the yarn, although a knitter I am not!

  6. love the pictures, wow amazing how great the cottage looked without EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in it !!!

  7. Oh Becky, absolutely just what you needed. It looks like a perfect weekend. Time away, good craft, good food, good conversation... I hope the next one is booked in.

  8. Glad you had such a fab time after your awful week x

  9. Gulp! Woolly gorgeousness. I looked longingly at a wheel which LOOKED in good nick in an op shop yesterday. But I know NOTHING about spinning anything. Only sure I will one day. Must have thought about that wheel 70 times in the last 18 hours...

  10. Wow that looks like a hard core wooly weekend! So inspiring! I need to make some friends like yours.

  11. OMG Becky what an awesome weekend!!! I'd so love to come along to the next 'knit in' that cottage looks divine..
    It must have been a real treat to spend time with so many like minded crafty people...
    I love the felt basket too even if it destined to be a hat... LOL!!!

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  12. That sounds like a brilliant weekend! I don't know anyone else who knits, I can't imagine a whole weekend filled with yarn love :)


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