Thursday, November 5, 2009

Me time!

Yesterday I bundled up another set of swap blocks to be posted off to their recipient. I have another set to go but it was the middle of the day and I did not feel up to the challenge of a new project.

I decided to do some 'me' sewing. It has been awhile since I did something just for me and as the first row of my Chaletgirl Block Swap quilt came together my smile got bigger, and did not stop for ages :) In fact, I am still smiling now!

I added a border from the same fabric range as my feature fabric which is Gypsy Rose by Moda. I like it as it is the same shade of pink with a small and different pattern which matches in well. I made the border 9 inches wide which is the same width as one block in the quilt. This makes it double bed size too.

I spent AGES working on the layout for these blocks. So many things to think of in getting the colours in the right places to keep it looking even. I have one of those fuzzy felt type sheets so this quilt spent a week up on the wall and I would move this block with that one until I was happy with it.

Dear Husband is happy that it is now a quilt top as he didn't think much of it as bedroom wall art ;) Our bedroom is the only room with a large enough child proof wall to hold all the blocks.

I am going to do a pieced back. I am thinking I will use a cream backing fabric and incorporate my leftover fabrics, and the coins from the other girls feature fabrics as well. That might take me a bit longer to put together than the top!

Why do little people need to run across fabric as soon as it is on the ground?


  1. If you can answer that question, I'd love to know ...... the quilt top looks awesome

  2. The top looks fabulous. And I love the little feet! At least your got a couple of good shots in before the stampede!

  3. That looks great Becky - and if it weren't the kids it would be sure to be an animal taking a stroll on your lovely new quilt top!

  4. Looks gorgeous - the border really finishes it off!

    Nic xxx


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