Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hot + Not

I thought I would jump on Loobylu's bandwagon and chat about what is hot and not in my house at the moment.

  • Picking vegetables straight from our garden.
  • Toddler craft. I love crayons! I bought a big roll of news reel paper from the local rag. They sell the last bits on the rolls. I have a years supply of craft paper neatly rolled up for the low price of $10.
  • Baby smiles! Baby bug has started smiling and cooing. I love it!
  • Free range chooks that eat from your hand.
  • Sleep, we have slept from 10pm to 7am the last 2 mornings in a row. Bliss!!

  • Crayon on my walls, I bought paper damn it...
  • Bugs eating my vegetables :(
  • Chook poo at the back door.
  • House work. I can never keep up.


  1. Oh the sleep is so HOT! I wish it was on my hot list around here, but unfortunately NOT. Thanks for playing along this week! xx

  2. Oh but Mama, what's the fun drawing on paper when there is all this wall to be filled ? Oops.

  3. Tame chooks - the best.
    Bargin paper - really great pick up.
    Sleep - LOVE It - never get enough.
    Chele x

  4. I wish our chickens were so tame - ours just poo at the back door! x


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