Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Stash

Someone recently asked about patterns which got me thinking about how many I own, which is a few.  I thought it would make a good Sunday Stash mention.

I decided to start with the Make it Perfect range. Toni is a super clever Aussie Mum pattern designer who I can't say enough nice things about.  Go over and check out her blog!

From the top left in the photo the patterns I have are:
Summer fling top
The versatile wrap skirt
Flirty skirts
Lazy day hat
Little Explorer shorts
Pinny #2
Pinny #1
Bloom top

I want to add the Downtown boy jacket to this list very soon :)

Sunday Stash bought to you by 1/4 of an inch


  1. I just won the 2 pinny patterns, looking forward to trying them out. When you're onto a good thing, stick to it, I say!

  2. Great Sunday Stash! I recently bought a few patterns too but did not use them yet. I do not know where to start with them....Do you transfer them first on the paper?

  3. I've been eyeing these paterns off for a while but am yet to purchase any...
    Thanks to your great reviews I am now definitely going to be adding some to my Xmas stocking in the next couple of weeks...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  4. You could start your own little shop there! They are gorgeous patterns. It's easy to see why you HAD to have them!

  5. Oooh lovely! I love patterns too... I have a stash of unopened ones at home, but I havent tried these ones yet. Might have to add them to my Want list. They look gorgeous!

  6. you own shares in Make it Perfect? LOL!

    (I have shares in SH farmers market pink apples and stripe LOL!)


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