Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Full of good stuff:

Vestvember on Ravelry
I am halfway (almost) through a Milo Vest for Miss Possum. It is always good incentive to keep plugging away at a project when there is a group who have dedicated a whole month to the knitting of vests.

Melbourne Cup
Fun watching everyone dress up. My birthday falls on Cup Day every however many years apart. Next time it does I am going to go!

Doll quilt opening day
I can't wait until opening day. The quilt I made has been received, and mine turned up in today's post so now there is nothing to do but wait until the 7th!

My Birthday
Soon to be another year older :)

Big Knit in
Heading up into the New England to a Knit In with some of the girls from Ravelry. We will be knitting, having fun, taking photos, eating, and dying wool.


  1. Your November does sound busy! I wish mine was that exciting.

  2. Happy soon to be birthday! Wish I was there and we could raise a glass together.


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