Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Stash

Sandi Henderson, who knew I had so much?  There is meters of it! 
Great motivation for the summer sewing I keep talking about :)

Petal Party ~ Pink

Petal Party ~ Spring

Petal Party ~ Autumn

Dahlia ~ Lime

Dahlia ~ Spring

Caribe Ginger Tile

Ginger Bouquet Toss ~ Lime

Sunday Stashers found at 1/4 of an inch


  1. Beautiful - the first few are my favourite !!


  2. I looove this range and wish I had more!
    I just madea hat out of the dahlia print last night, but a different colourway - wish I had the last one though.

  3. I love this range too. I want to buy some more of that Farmers Market apple fabric (red especially) while it's still available.


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