Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogtober #8 ~ Made

The last few of my blog posts have been about this and that, but not of anything I have finished myself. Seeing as I have done the odd spot of sewing here and there I thought I had better have a 'me' post.
I have two Lazy Day Hats, the first pictured is for Baby Bug, but is a bit big as yet so monkey has stepped in to be the model.
Possum lost no time in ousting monkey so she could wear her own hat, but I could not convince her to smile. Seeing as I did not do her hair, or put her in a clean shirt I decided the lack of a smile was the least of my problems :)

I have three more of these hats cut out and ready to sew, but for some reason I can not find the motivation to get started. It really is annoying as two of those hats are meant to be going out to people (Hi Tilly and Nephew T!).


  1. The hats are gorgeous Becky. It looks like you've done a great job. Messy hair, dirty shirt, no smile still equals cute!

  2. Lovely hats Becky..... cute little possum and monkeys not bad either lol

  3. Oh - i hear you on the not getting to the sewing machine - hoping that it will change soon - hoping to set up the kids play room and the sewing in the same area.

  4. They looks great!

    I have had that pattern for a while, and you have reminded me that I really need to make some hats.


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