Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogtober #14 ~ Shopping!

I have been doing A LOT of shopping of late... I have been trying to be good, but whenever there is a sale on I fall off the wagon. In some cases I don't wait for a sale to backslide either!

I have started collecting fabrics with the Around the Block quilting bee in mind. I want to make a quilt for Baby Bug. The only problem is I am not sure what to add to the below collection to make it great.

PLEASE give me ideas here, what would you add? I am picturing blue and green Wonky Log Cabin blocks...

Blue stripe from my LQS (50% off)
Spots, Musical Animals , Squirrels from Kelani

Some charm squares to become a baby blanket and a layer cake to become this quilt (unless I change my mind in the mean time).

Arcadia Layer Cake and Sultry Charm Squares from My LQS (30% off)

And last, but not least, a lot of fabric bought during the HUGE sale and Bella & Vintage Chic awhile ago.

I am now on a fabric ban, with the exception of the boy quilt mentioned above!


  1. Look at all of that fabric:) What a nice selection:)

    Looking forward to seeing what it becomes and am in LOVE with the boy fabrics.

  2. Lovely, lovely fabric. I'm also trying to work out what to do for a boys quilt (in chocolate, blue, green & white) so I'm interested to see what you end up with! I'm thinking about doing a brick-path, maybe with some appliqued animals on it. The blue/green Mingle has been working for me - as well as Lily Pond, Whimsy, and Mezzanine. I do have apicture on my blog (somewhere) of the fabrics I've chosen (and am still chosing).

  3. Great shopping :-)
    Did you order some spare time to go with all of that?!

  4. What a beautiful selection of fabrics! I wish I knew about the Bella & Vintage Sale!!!

    The fabrics for the the little man's quilt are too cute. You could mix in some plains in green the same as the frogs and maybe some other patterned fabrics, swirls, or criss crosses in similar coloured fabrics or even pick up on the browns with some chocolately/blue stripe type print. The wonky log cabins will look great, either with the frog fabric as the featured in the centre of each or added into each cabin.

    You have reminded me I should go and check out my LQS, I think they are closing down and have 50% off at the moment!

    Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  5. Hi Becky! Lots of delicious fabrics there! Love the musical animals collection for your ATB swap - maybe pull out the green in the fabric, by adding some lime green and a little bit of red for contrast?


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